100% of profits fund ME/CFS medical research

Purposeful, signature jewellery
to help fund a cure ME/CFS

Coppered® is for those of us affected by myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, or to show love for someone who is.

Wear coppered for connection and to help FUND a cure.

I guarantee, that 100% of profits will be donated to research.

Wear coppered® to help fund a cure for ME/CFS

Coppered® jewellery is my way of connecting us as a community. 

Every piece of coppered carries the signature coppered® logo so that we can recognise each other. I believe, that there's something comforting in knowing we are not alone.  

Coppered® is also a beautiful and purposeful way to raise funds, specifically for the benefit of ME/CFS medical research. 

I've selected Open Medicine Foundation® as a key recipient of funding raised from coppered® sales, given their current focus is solving ME/CFS. Open Medicine Foundation® leads a collaborative network of brilliant minds, from 6 world-class research centers.

Wear to care

ME/CFS may affect your life either directly or indirectly. There are times when it can feel overwhelming, and hard to know what to do. I hope that by wearing coppered® you'll have a daily reminder that you are not alone. And it's not just a feeling.  My personal commitment is that 100% of profits will be DONATED to medical research via organisations who use real science, proven clinical protocols and have a specific focus on ME/CFS. Wear coppered® for connection to to help fund a cure for ME/CFS.

What's in a name?

Copper is a precious metal that is thought to have healing properties. The name coppered® references this ancient belief. Copper is used in the creation of gold which is why each coppered® piece is coated in 18k gold.It's quality you deserve.


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